Take control of the traffic lights in different intersections and make sure the vehicles do not crash! Play the pre-made maps or create your own levels and share them to with other players!

  • 60 pre-made maps and 10.000+ user made maps.
  • Classic intersection control game mode.
  • Traffic simulation game mode.
  • Global high scores.
  • Weather effects.
  • Day-night cycle.
  • Random events.
  • Physics simulated car crashes.
  • Map editor.
  • In-app browser with other users' maps.

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v1.21.3 (2024-01-03)
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Or you can always download the latest here if you cannot access the above site.
Bugs & Issues
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Make sure you have the latest version of the game. Then, use the "Report bug" button in the game, or send an email to If you "report" bugs by posting a comment on the webiste you will probably not get any help as you failed to follow very simple instructions.
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