The automatic traffic lights are malfunctioning! Take control of the lights in different intersections and make sure the traffic flows smoothly and that the vehicles do not crash into each other.

  • 60 unique maps made from real aerial images of junctions.
  • 3 different game modes.
  • Day-night cycle.
  • Weather effects.
  • Physics simulated car crashes.
Download using distribution service:
Or you can always download the latest here if you cannot access the above sites.
Bugs & Issues
These bugs are known and will be fixed as soon as possible. If you notice something else, contact me at

  • Car turning a corner might crash with vehicle infront going straight when playing Arcade mode.
30 - 1.6.2 - 2024-01-04
  • Fixed layout issue for devices with lower than 720p resolution.
New Maps
None are planned as I do not have much access to high resolution aerial images of other countries than those already in the game. Also note that it is not possible to add an editor to the game, instead I made Intersection Controller to fill this gap.
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