Privacy Policy
2015-11-12 - Created
2015-11-13 - Updated contact information

What information is collected?

When anonymous data is enabled some basic data is collected and periodically sent to a server. From the device running the application the framerate and screen resolution of the device is collected and sent. Some statistics about your progress in the game are also sent.

Notice that all information is anonymous and no data outside the application is collected.

What is the information used for?

The information is used in the following ways:

- To faster and easier find pattern in reported bugs - Helps with solving them faster.

- To improve the gameplay - The data gives information about which maps are the most popular and how hard the different maps are.

Google AdMob

Google AdMob is used for the advertisements displayed in the application. For information about what potential data AdMob might collect, consult Google's privacy policy.

Sharing data

The data collected is only used to improve the application and will not be sold, traded or otherwise traded with third parties. However, this does not include trusted third parties used to assist in improving the application. These trusted third parties must agree to not further share the data.

Changes to this privacy policy

All changes to this document will be specified at the top of the page.


If there are any questions regarding this policy feel free to use the contact information below.